Monday, April 29, 2013

Marketing For Less

          Finding marketing for less is like a dream come true, especially when you're just starting out, and your working with a low marketing budget.In the marketing business it seems to be a big secret on how to market your product online, or cost so much you can't afford it. When information is past along for nothing it's like heaven sent, I have been searching the internet for marketing that can do the job without it costing an arm and leg here is the link,, it's called Desktop Lightning and this is a viral marketing site, and your campaign shows up right on the screen of more people then you can number. Enjoy just through I would put is out there for people who could use it.
         You read about 60% of the emails that com in your box for 10 seconds some of the information you can use and others you cannot.You create a email network with friends, or they will let you send out a campaign email to about 4,000 people anyway. You can see how many people open your email, and the these people will be added to your network and there in much more.

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