Monday, March 4, 2013

Bobbijera's Herbalife Experiences

                                                                     Self Introduction 

      Hello, my name is Bobbijera Fullman, and I'm an Herbal Life  independent Distributor, which has become a very special part of my life, which I will explain later in this blog. I am skilled in baking and pasties, culinary management, and now internet marketing.

                                                                  The Herbal Life Way
     This blog will be about my experiences with the Herbal life products and how they have affected my life. I had been searching for something to help me lose weight but I couldn't find anything that made me feel full or not like I was starving. Until I was searching the internet one evening and found an ad that was talking about creating an income from home.
However, much to my surprise it was not just creating a income from home, but the weight loss program I had been searching for that would work for me. Which I will explain later in this blog.


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