Friday, April 5, 2013

My New Business

             When I started as a Independent Distributor, I was very excited about being my own boss and growing my business from the ground up. Being an Independent Distributor means just that, but knowing that you can accomplish it make the struggle not as hard. There is so much that I'm learning about growing my business, one being online marketing in not easy to master. Someone new to the business, researching online marketing was a good idea to find out just what it going to take to be successful.
             When starting any new business you become blinded by unrealistic thoughts about how things are going to go such as, set up your business and everyone is going to buy your products. This is not the case at all, know one even  realizes you're their because of all of the online business' yours just fade into the sea of legitimate or shams.  This is when you must do something to stand out from the rest to buildup your own web present and reputation.
           This is the point where desperation kicks in because you haven't gotten the number of sales that you think you should have. Moving along looking for a handout hoping you can get something for nothing, and saying to yourself all I need is some free advertising. Oh reality check this is not going to happen, it takes money to make money don't get me wrong there are website that will allow you to list your business for free such as, Google places, Manta this is just too name a few.
          But, building a Internet business can be a real learning experience because if you didn't know anything come into the business you will by the time you make your decision to stick it out or let go of your dream. You decide.
         I have decided to go for the dream, in doing so the panic is gone and being replace with knowledge of online marketing. Todays, update is I am the success of My Messiah's Herbal Health, now to get things rolling I am going to need some leverage, which is the knowledge that I have gain and also of entrepreneurs that have been where I am, but are now making a five figure pay check from home. Everyone know that knowledge is power, and to gain more power start forum relationships with people who have more knowledge then myself. This will expose me to the next level of marketing to get my business going well.

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