Thursday, March 28, 2013

Why Do People Over Eat

       Before I begin to look at the different reasons way people over eat, I must say this will take four or five blog post to research some answers so I am hoping that my audience doesn’t get bored with this subject. 
         Overeating is a disease just like someone on drugs or alcohol, and it needs to be treated in the same way. Through first hand experience and doing some research on the subject there is still so much to learn about obesity.  So there are many theories about this disease and the way it affects human beings.
       According to WebMD, emotional eating can cause intense cravings for food, even obsession. The treatments for any emotional eating include distraction, drinking water, relaxing, and seeking medical help when necessary. However, the few that I have experienced first hand are, emotional eating, sleep- related eating, binge-eating disorder, and boredom. 
          Emotional eating was a crutch for me when I became stressed about something, food had a very tranquilizing affect, but this had to be repeated each time I became upset which cause me to gain weight. Also, this was away not to deal with the situation at hand, this puts emotional eat in a very simple concept but when you are living it you don’t even know you're eating emotionally. 

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